Shari L. Lewis


Shari L. Lewis


Shari graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s Degree in History in 2008 and with a Juris Doctorate in 2012. She grew up in a rural area near Red Deer, and came back to the area for her Articles, which she commenced with our firm in June of 2012. Shari was admitted to the Law Society of Alberta as a member in July of 2013.

Shari has a litigation practice in the areas of family and civil law.  This practice involves providing people who are involved in a dispute with information and advice with respect to their options, assisting with negotiating resolutions by agreement if possible, and drafting applications and attending at Court if resolution by agreement is not possible.

Shari also practices in the areas of criminal defense, real estate, and wills.

In her spare time, Shari enjoys hiking, biking, and water sports at the beach with friends and family.  She also enjoys reading a variety of novels, and watching the latest superhero movies.

Shari’s Practice Areas: