Corporate Litigation

Corporate litigation can be complex. Our lawyers at Altalaw have a wide variety of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants.  Whether your claim relates to a shareholders dispute, director dispute, contractual dispute, partnership dispute, or any other commercial or corporate disagreement, our lawyers can help you.  Our lawyers will handle every step of the process with extreme care and diligence, such as any necessary arbitration, filing of pleadings, discovery, trial, and judgment enforcement.

Our team also provides comprehensive Debtor-Creditor services. We will aid in any Collections concerns, and do our best to allow you to enforce any security interests you may have. We also have the experience you require to advise you of your rights in relation to Builders’ Liens, Garage Keepers’ Liens, or any other lien you may have, and do our best to enable you to enforce and realize on that lien.

Members Practicing in Corporate Litigation