Wills and Estate Planning

A will allows a person to dictate what will happen to their property in the event of their death. It will also decide how that property is handled, and who will administer it. Accordingly, a properly drafted will is very important.

Whether you are looking to have a will drafted, reviewed, altered, or improved, our lawyers at Altalaw will help you throughout the process.  We understand the importance of proper estate planning, and ensure you are informed of all relevant issues. Whether it relates to executor selection, tax implications, property distribution, assets, liabilities, third party claims, finances, corporate and commercial concerns, trust accounts and funds, or any practical considerations, we at Altalaw are here make sure you are satisfied and your wishes are met. We will help to ascertain your interests, and help translate those interests into an effective and practical estate plan that reflects your unique circumstances and needs.

In addition, we also provide comprehensive services regarding Power of Attorney documents, as well as Personal Directive documents, (Living Wills).

 A Power of Attorney allows another person to look after your affairs, whether related to finances or property management. An Enduring Power of Attorney allows that power to spring into effect if you become incapacitated.  These documents can be tailored to your specific desires and needs.

A Personal Directive is similar to a Power of Attorney, except instead of finances and property it authorizes someone to make personal decisions if you become unable to do so. Such decisions might include where you live, who you may visit, and most importantly, what health care and medical treatment decisions to make on your behalf.  These can be tailored to your specific needs.

We also provide assistance in estate administration, making sure you are aware of what steps you need to do as an executor or personal representative, including the application for Probate or Administration, and ensuring proper procedure is followed to enable all parties to get their maximum benefit and avoid any potential liability you may face.

Whatever your need is, our lawyers are here to advise, assist, guide, inform, and help you in the estate planning process.

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